Monday, October 04, 2010

Who stole my naughty dog and replaced him with a goody two-shoes?

I think it's funny the way dogs seem to have good days and bad days, just like people. For a few days after my nieces went home Gus was disruptive and restless, particularly at night, keeping me awake and making me grumpier with each sleepless hour.

Over the past week though he's been super-good, sleeping soundlessly, walking beautifully on a loose lead (an achievement for us, I assure you), lying quietly when we have visitors, cuddling gently and generally just being a sweet little dog.

I wonder who kidnapped the real Gus?

(admission: this image is a bit of a cheat .... I can't access my photos of Gus at the moment so I found one on Flickr that looks just like him. - Sort of goes with the idea of Good Gus being an impostor I guess!)


Janne said...

It could have been me kidnapping him, but no. Look at that face. He is the best.

Janne said...

Haha. I didn't see the text under the image before I sent my comment earlier. Actually, the real Gus is even cuter :-)

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