Monday, September 20, 2010

Veg out

Our little winter veggie garden has been good to us:

... unfortunately now that the Spring showers are here, we have to compete with these hungry little fiends:



Altissima said...

Yes Eugh!
... and yet that adventurous one on the top rim of the bowl is kind of cute!
Here is my portrait of the adventurous snail: `@__

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Wow Juddie,

I'm pretty impressed with your vege garden.

One downside to moving to a house surrounded by gum trees is that all the dappled light means not enough sun for the vegies. I miss pulling out carrots with the kids and eating snow peas in the backyard, one at a time as you pick.

flowerpress said...

Wow, fantastic vegie garden!
Those snails look like they're waiting for their dinner ;-)

Jo said...

Impressive vege garden. I am looking forward to getting one started soon. Cute snails, but pesty.

reik said...

Hi Juddie! I feel that we spotted each other on Lygon St the other day. My eyes are not that well but I thought it might be you... Love your veggie patch! What's the tall leafy one with the white flowers in the first picture? I saw a lot of them at CERES and ate the leaf but couldn't figure out what it was. We have a lot of daikon in our garden now. Hope you are well! xReiko :)

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