Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A belated happy Christmas to all!

Another Christmas has come and gone without incident and we're safe and happy together - who could ask for more?

The loss of my diary/address book meant I couldn't send all the Christmas cards I wanted to this year. I do love these wartime postal service reminder cards though:

(sorry - I can't remember where I found them. The album above was advertised on Amazon)

After several days of work- and family parties, today we had a quiet little picnic in the park, which is looking considerably greener after last week's rain. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Gus is a very tired little pup, and we've been so spoilt with presents and food I think it's time to lie low for a while too.... salads and rest might be the focus for us for the next few days.

Next Friday we're heading off for a week of camping - that means several days with no TV, no traffic, no work, lots of animals and birds, time to read and soak up the sun (hopefully!) .... bliss! Little campsite, here we come!

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