Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pretty things make me happy

Thinking about beautiful, quirky artwork today, having bought a lovely piece last week by a local artist in a local gallery (...I've forgotten her name but I'll take a photo of it soon and make sure I note her details).

I always enjoy dropping into Outre Gallery in Melbourne over lunch when I can - it's a wonderful escape into a funky retro vibe, overflowing with creativity. The utterly fabulous Angelique Houtcamp recently held her 'Tattoo Darling' exhibition there...


I was also totally excited to see some gorgeous new works by kozyndan (exhibiting this month) - I adore their their innocent and engaging style, their technical skills, and most of all, their sweet and quirky view of the world. They live up to their motto 'We give you good things'.

Although I'd love to buy oodles of art from Outre I'll have to admire it from afar for a while.... In the meantime I guess it's worth keeping an eye on the kozyndan journal.

Recently I looked up details of the sweet and happy new Sonia Bravia ad to see how they made it (they did it with 2 tonnes of plasticine and an army of animators). What a shame they seem to have brazenly ripped off Kozyndan's panoramic picture 'USA chan' (without permission). Click on the image below to see it properly.

The similarities could be described as spooky, or (more probably) very naughty... what do you think?

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