Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Oh, be still my beating heart! I spent the weekend enthralled by speakers, images and landscapes at the Australian Landscape Conference ..... what a wonderful way to recharge and be flooded with inspiration!

We visited the fabulous Royal Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne, Di Johnson's exquisite Garden Vineyard, and Dame Elizabeth Murdoch's deliciously understated Cruden Farm, among others.

Eduardo Mencos, Rick Darke and Bernie Trainor made the strongest impressions on me, but I was also very inspired by the work of Tracy Disabato-Aust, Charles Quest-Ritson and Patrick Blanc. Click here for more pics of Patrick's work.

I bought Rick Darke's book about grasses and am keen to spend more time exploring the beauty of our urban grasslands too. I like walking Gus at Royal Park in Parkville beause it provides a lovely sense of space so close to the city center.

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