Monday, June 18, 2007


Feeling inspired - planning to rearrange our house a little, pack some stuff in a storage unit and schedule some painting (after we've filled all the cracks in the walls and fixed up the dodgy cornices) ....

Manda at Treefall Design has posted pictures of her pretty, girly studio - I don't think I'd go quite so cutsie but I like thinking about designs for my ideal workspace.

I'm imagining floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a garden (with trees of course), wooden floorboards, European/art deco/art nouveau styling, painted wooden shelving and cabinets, a huge table and at least one big comfy armchair to nestle into as well.

Maybe something light and bright in this style from Sunset magazine (with a little more colour and of course the requisite cosy furnishings):

Or these:

La la la!

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three buttons said...

I would love to see a mood board of your desired studio! Over at there is ample mood board inspiration. Promise you will post a mood board soon : )

... also ...

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