Saturday, March 10, 2007


I'd estimate that about half of the houses in our area date back to Victorian or Edwardian times, and about half are more modern. Some of the older houses and cottages have been done up beautifully, others are 'a renovator's delight', but all seem to have character and most are quite charming.

Among the more modern buildings, I'm struck by the extent to which people's taste can differ from my own. What on earth are people thinking when they build things like this?

... This one is a huge monstrosity, actually four huge houses all joined together and sharing the same theme..... (not quite sure what they were aiming for, other than perhaps 'Italian Splendour' in its most horrid interpretation).

And then comes the strangely fascinating kitsch .... when it comes to beautifying your garden space, however small, you can't beat some colourful statuettes and a couple of fake plants to brighten things up!

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