Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Farewell to Aotearoa

It's our last day in NZ today, and we're heading off from Auckland to Rarotonga. We spent a wonderful 3.5 days in Motueka, at the top of the South Island, right next to the Abel Tasman National Park.

I definitely want to come back and spend more time in the Abel Tasman one day - it is a lush, hilly paradise lined with golden beaches (the sand resembles polenta!) and mirrored in the most dazzling emerald green seas. We did two afternoon hikes between the bays, and spent a morning kayaking around the little islands. What a beautiful place!

Our first impressions of Auckland were not great, having been ripped off big time by a dodgy taxi driver and finding that our accommodation in no way resembled the website, but yesterday we enjoyed a day at the museum and walking in the Domain.

Looking forward to catching up with Dad on Rarotonga - will post more updates when we're on the island.

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