Thursday, February 09, 2006

Meandering in Siem Reap

Oh boy! After 6 days of crippling illness (Godfrey has claimed the title of 'Miss Amoebic Dysentry 2006) we finally ventured out a little queasily to the temples yestderday before dawn. Angkor Wat is breathtaking, awesome in the true sense of the word. We spent yesterday there and at a few other temples, and this morning we went to Angkor Thom - also spectacular in its own way.

We don't really have the resources to sort through and post a good selection of pictures while here in Siem Reap, but we'll make do with a random smattering in the meantime - till we get home.

...The obligatory shot of Angkor Wat at sunrise:

Angkor Thom reminds us of Inca or Mayan temples:

A peaceful morning (before the korean tour busses descend):

We've seen some big figs ...

and lovely Apsara:

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